Creating a Digital Flagship

Clinique Chubby Stick

Designed for Performance

Redefining e-commerce with the best-performing platform the brand has ever had.

Global Digital

Clinique & CASE partner to develop the vision, strategy, and design for the e-commerce business globally.

Clinique Website
Clinique Website

Mobile First

With a “mobile first” approach combined with a “modular” content strategy, CASE designed user interface allowing highly personalizable and easily updatable content across platforms.

Clinique Website Mobile

Redesign Performance



Largest increase in conversion YOY from first-time buyers



Increased sale YOY



Decrease to in-cart abandon rate

This Week at Clinique

Leveraging online influencers and celebrities talking candidly about beauty, this YouTube series became Clinique’s most successful social campaign to date.

Clinique Video
Clinique Clinique Clinique Clinique

Campaign Views After Initial Launch


Clinique Store

Beyond E-Commerce

CASE’s partnership with Clinique extends to all aspects of the digital brand, including: advertising, product launches, rich media site content, in-store tools, emails, and monthly site refreshes, social-media content, which are adapted for its many retail channels across the globe.

Clinique Nail Clinique Nail Glow Clinique Chubby Stick Clinique Chubby Stick

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